Mr Tim Craft

Tim Craft TimCraftv2

Corporate Consultant

Phone: 07 5572 2122
Mobile: 0411 874 452
Fax: 07 5575 8482
Branch: Gold Coast

Originally from Central Africa where Tim grew up – Rhodesia to be precise, now known as Zimbabwe. Having spent 10 years in the army Tim learnt to be very focussed on detail and very regimented in his approach. This is partly the reason for Tim’s success in Business Broking. He has nearly 20 years experience which is more than most in Queensland.

Having worked in a number of businesses in a number of countries around the world including being self employed Tim brings to Business Broking a wealth of knowledge from corporate to self employment, small business to large business. Always having been in sales and marketing – he has a keen sense of what makes a business work and how best to present it for sale.

In this day and age it is important to present a business in a professional manner, when wanting to sell it. LINK produces a profile on the business, promoting the detail so that a potential buyer can refer back to the profile if they want to check information. Banks or a Loaning Entity are very fussy about lending money and make everyone jump through hoops to comply with their requirements. It is therefore important to have the right people to help you.

On the other hand if the Buyer doesn’t need to borrow to purchase the business, you want him to be able to be comfortable with his purchase and have it presented right.

Owing to Tim’s background he concentrates on manufacturing, engineering, automotive, wholesale distribution and generally larger businesses.

Tim is a member of the REIQ (Real Estate Institute of Queensland) and AIBB (Australian Institute of Business Brokers).

Having spent nearly 20 years in Business Broking Tim has sold over 400 businesses, working closely with larger businesses and won the coveted award of being named “Best Business Broker” by REIQ.

Experience really counts in selling business and working with someone you can trust.

Please feel free to call Tim if you have a good business for sale or just if would like to find out more about how to go about it and what information is needed to put your business on the market.