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Traffic Control & Logistics

Value: $4,000,000

Sold to major competitor.


Niche/Leisure Industry

Value: $2,000,000

Sold to a Private Equity Group at the asking price.

Food Services

Value: $1,200,000

Sold to a private investor.

Food Services

Value: $1,050,000

Sold to an Asian investor.

Wine Bar/Pizzeria

Value: $1,059,979

Sold to migrating family from Venezuela.

Industrial Manufacturing

Value: $1,130,000

Installed all the tactiles for the light rail stations. Great Sellers and Buyers.

Retail Services

Value: $1,800,000

Highly profitable 5-day business, sold unconditionally within 4 weeks. Very satisfied buyer and seller.

Industrial Manufacturing

Value: $1,999,000

Large family business sold to a property developer looking at growing his tradesman portfolio. Fantastic sale with successful transition.

Food Services

Value: $2,000,000

Iconic business of over 25 years. Sold on walk-in, walk-out basis during stage 4 Melbourne lockdown.

Service Industry Roadworks

Value: $1,500,000

Quick sale. Sellers happy with the end result and ready to retire.

Removal & Storage 

Value: $1,200,000

We had multiple offers on this business and achieved nearly full price for this business.


Value: $5,200,000

Sold within 6 months with 3 offers from local and interstate buyers.

Professional Services

Value: $1,800,000

Achieved close to full price with extensive marketing campaign.

Online Business

Value: $4,500,000

Extensive marketing campaign, which resulted in multiple offers from interstate buyers.

Mechanical Industry

Value: $3,800,000

Good outcome for the sellers with multiple offers.

Food Services 

Value: $1,600,000 + SAV

Excellent marketing campaign, which resulted in multiple buyers and a fantastic result within inches of the asking price.


Value: $2,600,000

This business was started by one man and a mowing machine back in 1990. It was subsequently grown to a turnover in excess of $11m, and sold as an acquisition to a company from South Australia.

Industrial Manufacturing

Value: $2,000,000

Buyers were from outside of the industry, wanted to invest in a service based industry with strong growth opportunities.


Value: $1,150,000 + SAV

Highly profitable business sold to an investment banker with no industry experience.


Industrial Manufacturing

Value: $1,200,000

Our buyer had a manufacturing background, he was impressed with the brands reputation in the market place and wanted to leverage off that.


Value: $1,000,000

Sold to returning expat with farm and earth moving experience, seller very happy with buyers background and local knowledge.

Industrial Services

Value: $7,500,000

Successful owners needed a change. Sold to an Asian based investor.


Value: $6,500,000

Our client was in ill health. Sold in 6 weeks.

Import Distribution

Value: $4,750,000

20 years building up a great business was well rewarded with a very successful sale to a Private Equity Group.

Industrial Manufacturing

Value: $6,200,000

After 25 years our client wanted to retire and go traveling. Sold to a Private Investment Syndicate.


Value: $6,600,000

A 50+ year old family-owned business. Strong brand and unique products. Sold to Australian Buyers.

Manufacturing Business

Value: $4,750,000

A very profitable business but very dependent on two working owners. We constructed a deal that provided for a high-value exit.

Manufacturing Business

Value: $6,000,000

Incredible brand, strong brand and thus we achieved a high profit multiple in value. Job Done.

Property Services

Value: $3,450,000

A franchise & very reliant on two workings owners with declining profits. Not the easiest sale!

Manufacturing & Rental 

Value: $4,600,000

An excellent hire business. Sold to private investors.

Plastic Manufacturing 

Value: $2,500,000

Remote rural-based business, with a niche product and incredible I.P. A great result for our client.

Manufacture & Installation Kitchen

Value: $2,450,000

Sold to a staff member but LINK was engaged to ensure the business was valued fairly and the process was managed professionally.

Service & Installation

Value: $4,200,000

Steep earnings growth & only a 5 year old business. Sold to a strategic buyer wanting to move into this sector


Value: $5,700,000

An outstanding hire business built up over 30 years. Great value achieved & a comfortable retirement for our client.

Construction Industry

Value: $2,700,000

Our client built a great business. We engineered buyer competition to maximize the value achieved.

Industrial Manufacturing

Value: $5,300,000

30 Year history and good management in place. We worked a sale around a tricky factory relocation.


Value: $2,900,000

The business was sold to a Strategic Trade Buyer out of the UK for a considerable market premium.


Value: $2,300,000

Our client did everything right. A thoroughly-prepared business for sale. We marketed it widely. Tremendous success. Multiple offers and a high-value exit.

Industrial Manufacturing

Value: $3,900,000

Our client had significant health problems and no successor in place. We organised a seamless exit for him that recognised the value he’d built up in his firm.


Value: $4,400,000

By marketing this leading education institution across NZ,AUS and beyond, we were able to attract a foreign Private Equity buyer who superbly rewarded the vendor.

Industrial Manufacturing

Value: $2,000,000

Our clients had built up a nationally known brand. Sold to private investors focused on taking it to the next level.


Value: $5,000,000

The business had a large and complex inventory with obsolete stock issues. We structured a sales process to suit and got a great deal for our client.

Butcher Business

Value: $3,000,000

Extensive marketing campaign, which resulted in multiple offers and sold at the asking price.

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